Welfare technology

Welfare technology can help and assist people in their daily lives. Examples of welfare technology are intelligent aids such as household robots, sensors in smart homes, etc. Welfare technology addresses not only the elderly but also other end user groups such as people with disabilities.

Alarm2Welfare technology solutions that utilise TelluCloud have the potential to realise complete smart homes. Virtually unlimited numbers and types of sensors can be integrated in intelligent homes and thus provide safe and secure living environments for people who need special assistance or whose quality of life depends on monitoring and swift support in certain situations.

In addition to standard sensor technology in smart homes, such as smoke and humidity detectors, door alarms, and automation to manage light, temperature and ventilation, Tellu’s welfare solutions can, among other things, provide fall detection, indoors and outdoors tracking of persons, and safety alarms.

All these are particularly important for elderly who live alone, or who have cognitive disabilities. People with memory decline, e.g. persons with dementia, are all Tellu’s target end users. Similarly, their caregivers need Tellu’s technology to support and monitor their beloved ones.

Tellu has through participation in European R&D projects contributed to the development to a commercially available memory assistant app for persons with dementia or other memory decline, MemasTM. Today, Tellu is working together with Telenor Objects to conduct a large-scale rollout of welfare technologies in Norwegian municipalities.

Application offerings:

Screenshot of Tellu Digital Supervision

Tellu Digital Supervision is a web based solution for controlling and supervising digital video cameras in homes and institutions. The video stream access is controlled by TelluCloud access policies. Cameras can be tilted and zoomed. Both still pictures and video streams can be captured and all personnel interaction with the camera is logged in audit logs. The cameras can be controlled by TelluCloud rule logic in order to automate still picture snapshots.


To discuss the potential that TelluCloud would represent for innovative welfare technological solutions in your organisation, please contact Tellu’s sales and marketing team.