The Tellu story

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How it all started

Tellu AS was founded in 2006 as a spinoff from Ericsson Research in Norway. The first applications were built upon a technology platform that was the first stage towards what we today know as TelluCloud. The first apps were about tax reporting forms on mobile phones. The co-founders of Tellu and Karde AS created two sister companies who still today work closely together in bringing about innovation within the ICT field. Today, the corporate group is owned by Palpacom AS, a Norwegian holding company.

Innovation in the European arena

R&D projects
Participation in national and international R&D projects has been an important knowledge acquirement instrument on Tellu’s journey from a start-up to today’s provider of advanced IoT services. Tellu’s portfolio of R&D projects have received funding from, among others, the the Active Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP), the European Commission’s framework programmes, the Research Council of Norway and the Regional Research Funds. Results of these projects have materialised in a number of clever functionalitites and features in Tellu’s software solutions, and made Tellu an attractive R&D partner in new initiatives.
Telenor Innovation Prize

Technology pilots and trials in Norway

Care home Bergen
In the eSenior project (a Norwegian/Swedish Interreg IVA project that took place in 2011-14, with the main objective of the project was to develop and test new products and services that can secure senior citizens a safe and well-functioning life at home), Sarpsborg municipality’s trial included mobile safety alarms, managing disease at home with tablets and own sampling equipment, automatic medication dispenser with notification alarm and ultrasonic fall sensors. Tellu contributed to the fall detection trial and gained velauble insights in welfare technology for elderly. This activity paved the way for today’s development activities of welfare technology based on TelluCloud.
Telenor Objects and municipalities in Norway

Tellu abroad

In 2012, Tellu, together with Karde, signed a collaboration agreement with the Chinese ICT Company Sinobpo. The agreement was signed during a signing ceremony at the SmartCity Expo in Ningbo, together with 22 other agreements signed by Chinese companies. The parties agreed to collaborate bringing the Tellu’s and Karde’s products and services into the Chinese market. Tellu’s SmartTracker service was was shown on the exhibition at the Sinobpo stand. SmartTracker attracted lot of interest at the Expo, and several prospects were identified together with Sinobpo and visitors at the Expo.
The Netherlands