How does TelluCloud work?


Device adapter

Device Adapters are processes responsible for translating the proprietary protocols of our supported devices. The data is translated to a normalized set of data and is passed on to the next stage. Depending on the capabilities of the device, the device adapters can also send commands and messages to the device itself. This is useful for reconfiguring a device remotely.

Filter and processing

Normalized data from the device adapters are then processed and stored in the long-term history for later analysis. Data with coordinates are updated with the address after using reverse geocoding. Customer configuration and knowledge, such as beacon definitons, is used to enhance the data. Assets and properties are updated and the data is passed on to the rule engine and subscription services.

Business logic

The rule engine determines if there are any rules that should trigger as a consequence of the new data. A device may be low on battery, a person may pressed an emergency button or a property has passed a threshold. The actions triggered can in turn send data to the long-term storage and/or subscription services.


The subscription service will store data until external services acknowledge that they have been received. The data can be sent over WebSocket, HTTP POST or e-mail.

End-user applications

End-user applications and TelluCloud Management Console allow users to update the configuration of their account perform their tasks.