TelluCloud IoT Platform


TelluCloud is a complete cloud platform for creating services and products with connectivity and Internet of Things functionality. Use smart components and sensors to add value and information to existing business processes or find new and smarter ways to solve your use cases.

  • TelluCloud runs in the cloud allowing redundancy and scaling
  • REST API allowing anyone to create apps and functionality on top of TelluCloud
  • Advanced data subscription API ensures applications you have or are creating will only get the data you want and not any unnecessary noise
  • Unlimited storage for data received from devices
  • Powerful concepts for modelling data
  • Advanced rule engine to analyze and react to data and events
  • Full support for indoor and outdoor locations and positioning
  • Large library of compatible devices
  • Fine-grained role-based access control


How does TelluCloud work?

Modelling a service with TelluCloud