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Telenor Objects delivers total solutions in welfare technology to Norwegian municipalities , and other actors in care services. The offer ranges from consulting in an early stage to delivery and operation of complete solutions . Telenor Objects has developed and established cooperation with a number of vendors that make it possible to offer a wide range of solutions within welfare technology. Telenor Objects uses TelluCloud to provide a future proof platform to meet current and future requirements for their customers. Several devices and EPJ vendors are integrated to provide a complete service. They brand their solution platform into the market as Shepherd.


X-GuardX-Guard Netherlands has through knowledge and years of experience established a reputation as a supplier of the most reliable security systems. X-Guard develops My-Bodyguard device and beacon technology that report data such as time, place and user. This system provides absolute certainty about the location, building or office in which the employee is situated. This is one of the few security systems that work reliably and securely both outdoors and indoors. X-Guard has delivered solutions. X-Guard has build their products and services by using TelluCloud extensively and deliver in front solutions for the professional markets in Netherland and Irland. They have in depth competence of operating and configuring TelluCloud for the benefit of their customers.


Elkotek_Sikkerhet_modifiedElkotek Sikkerhet Norway is a provider for products and services in the security market in Norway and Sweden. Elkotek Sikkerhet is 100% privately owned  company that works hard for giving the best services for their customers with innovated and future proof solutions. They brand their products and solutions  as SmartGPS using TelluCloud and selected GPS devices, sensors and beacons. They have products and solutions for person security, asset tracking and health care. They have in depth competence of operating and configuring TelluCloud for the benefit of their customers.


AAddSecureLogoDDSecure is a nordic company offering the most reliable supplier of secure communication systems in the Nordic region. They provide their customers with a vast range of technical solutions and services, made possible by combining the best from several teams. They offer their emergency alarm products using TelluCloud and TWIG devices.


Imatis  is a game changer as a leading provider of ICT platform and tools for care team productivity, clinical workflow, logistics, clinical-grade mobility, unified and intelligent communication for health care. Their ICT platform is the core component of their products that enables integration, messaging and workflow.  Their customers can start with only a few components, but can continually extended with new functionalities provided either by themselves or their partners. They offer solutions for hospitals, community care and home care solutions. Imatis has integrated their core platform with TelluCloud providing a RTLS (Real Time Location System) solution.


Sonitor logoSonitor is a leading provider of world-class indoor positioning technologies that link the physical world with the Internet of Things to provide real-time visibility and intelligence in a healthcare environment. The positioning products are built around a sound based technology that enables a very trustful in-room location information.  TelluCloud is a part of their products offering into the health care market providing the front end applications to the customer.