Personnel safety

Personnel safety is about protecting the safety, health and welfare of workers and preventing injuries. This can include recognising and avoiding hazards, industrial hygiene or procedures for working safely.

Tellu specialises in solutions for lone workers and workers in dangerous occupations. For social and home care workers, it may be hazardous to enter a private home when the caree or patient is mentally unstable. GuardWorkers inspecting buildings, ships, mines and the like alone may need to call for assistance in sudden hazardous situations. Security guards on lone inspection routes may certainly need an alarm functionality and back-to-base monitoring services, not only during the dark hours of the night. Nurses and physicians within psychiatry need safety solutions in their daily work. Overall monitoring of personnel’s location and sensor-based surveillance in large buildings or industrial plants is yet another application of safety technology.

Tellu’s personnel safety solutions are created in collaboration with several business partners. We provide personnel safety solutions to:
Dangerous accident during work

  • personnel in hospitals (e.g., psychiatric clinics)
  • safety guards
  • lone workers
  • surveillance of workers in buildings and plants

TelluCloud makes it possible to link any number of safety alarms and other sensor functionality to the solution, and thus build business intelligence that provides the right information just on time. The TelluCloud rule engine together with advanced data analytics enable precision that may optimise the use of resources considerably. One example is rules and intelligence that recognise false alarms on the one hand, and critical situations on the other hand. Another example is visual monitoring of employees movements, location and spatial behaviour in a hospital building or an industrial plant.

Application offerings:

Tellu Distress is an emergency system based on Tellu Indoor Location. Applying models of indoor building structures Tellu distress is able to provide hospital emergency staff with precise

Screenshot of Tellu Distress

Screenshot of Tellu Distress

information on the position of distressed personnel at any time. The application is provided as a web browser app and can be run both on stationary and mobile devices. Alarms are raised when personnel pushes buttons on the equipment and are visualised in web browser page. Tellu Distress keeps logs of alarms and acknowledgement statements. Different kind of Real Time Location System (RTLS) equipment can be applied, e.g. BLE/iBeacon, Sonitor RTLS, WiFi based on the need for accuracy and ease/cost of installation.

One other example of what TelluCloud can provide is the X-Guard’s personnel safety system. TelluCloud’s intelligence is the “brain” of the system.

To discuss the potential that TelluCloud would represent for personnel safety solutions in your organisation, please contact Tellu’s sales and marketing team.