Health care

Health care is the maintenance or improvement of health in human beings. Health professionals within private and public sector deliver health care. Hospitals are large providers of health care.

Technology is giving health care institutions an upgrade perhaps earlier unseen. Advances in technology help reduce health care costs and improve patient treatment. Electronic access to clinical patient data is being implemented, mobile apps help patients to live healthier lives, and platforms for care delivery are evolving and improve the ability to provide relevant information to both professional and family caregivers. Health1

Evolving smart platforms, rapid advances in cloud and mobility, as well as the Internet of Things, all will have an impact even on the smallest tasks within health care. Apart from the patient-centred aspects of care, technology can also improve the work processes and productivity of heath care.

Tellu’s solutions support these aspects of the professional health care endeavour. Solutions based on TelluCloud provide tracking and localisation of expensive or critical medical equipment, supervision and detection of safety procedures such as hand wash, or use of personal protective equipment such as suits to prevent spreading of fatal infections. modern medical equipment in the hospital and nursing work.Localisation of personnel is yet another exaple of what TelluCloud can provide in large health care institutions such as hospitals. Knowing exactly where all employees are at any point in time may be critical both for their safety and for optimal resource allocation. It is all about smart ways of applying the capacity and intelligence of the TelluCloud.

Today, Tellu collaborates with Sonitor Technologies to provide advanced health care systems to hospitals in the USA and Australia. TelluCloud is here used to facilitate complex sensor-based systems for health pesonnel safety and resource management.

Application offerings:

WHO Five moment of Hand Hygiene

WHO Five moments of Hand Hygiene

In order to control hand hygiene in hospital environments Tellu has developed Tellu Hand Hygiene, an application where personnel interaction with soap dispensers and patients is logged in order to monitor compliance with WHO five moments of hand hygiene. The application gathers statistics from several “stations” and presents the compliance level in both indoor maps and spreadsheets.



To discuss the potential that TelluCloud would represent for professional health care solutions in your organisation, please contact Tellu’s sales and marketing team.