End user needs

In order to create successful products and services, we must know the end users and understand their needs.

Tellu’s end user requirements gathering and analysis is based on a systematic approach and widely acknowledged user-centric methods. The aim of our end user-focussed methods is to provide a clear understanding of requirements as an early input to the development projects. We focus our design work on those issues that are central to the success of a product or system in the eyes of the end users. We seek to answer the following type of questions:Business people using laptop.

  • How and why would people use our product or service?
  • Which functions are most central?
  • What are the most important features for the end users?
  • How should the service be structured?
  • What are the design choices that allow us to design accessible products and services?

We also conduct comprehensive beta tests of our products and services over a long period of time to allow adequate adjustments before the technology enter the production stage.
Finally, we continue to monitor end user feedback after the launch, address adjustment needs quickly, and keep an accurate record of improvement potentials to apply these on the future releases.