Benefits to customers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered one of the most profound transitions in technology today, creating totally new opportunities for businesses.

Intelligent devices are being incorporated into our lives. There are many advantages to incorporating IoT into people’s lives. IoT can help individuals, businesses, and society on a daily basis. The concept of IoT can come in many forms including health and personal safety which is of great importance in caring for the elderly; assisted living can be greatly facilitated through sensors in the home and on the person. Businesses can also enjoy many benefits from the Internet of Things. IoT can be useful in many different categories including asset tracking and location, individual tracking and location, and different aspects of safety and security.Chess king in the street - 3D render

IoT enables us to use cheap wireless sensor technology and low cost computing devices, and move things into the cloud. Sensors produce time series data and the cloud provides a place to store these data as well as management and security. Sensor technology will generate big data that can create a lot of value for businesses.

Tellu can bring these advantages of the IoT to its customers. The added value comes from the power of TelluCloud that links together IoT and business intelligence. TelluCloud can analyse the data that flow from sensors. The TelluCloud rule engine can be programmed to determine actions based on data analytics.

With our large library of devices, you can offer your clients the right device designed for your customer’s needs. TelluCloud supports specialised devices designed for safety, asset and hospital management. Our Internet of Things services provides a cost effective and fast way to go live in the industry as we use our infrastructure and services already in operation.