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Innovate smart solutions for eHealth and personnel safety

TelluCloud offers applications and services that help our customers to succeed

Our solutions:

Personnel safety

Tellu specialises in solutions for lone workers and workers in dangerous occupations. TelluCloud makes it possible to link any number of safety alarms and other sensor functionality to the solution, providing the right information without delay.

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Welfare technology

Welfare technology solutions that utilise TelluCloud have the potential to realise complete smart homes. Fall detection, indoors and outdoors tracking of persons and safety alarms are just some of the functionality Tellu’s welfare solutions can provide.

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Health care

Solutions based on TelluCloud provide tracking and localisation of expensive or critical medical equipment, and supervision and detection of safety procedures such as hand wash. Localisation of personnel is yet another exaple of what TelluCloud can provide in large health care institutions such as hospitals.

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TelluCloud is a complete cloud platform for creating services and products with connectivity and Internet of Things functionality. Use smart components and sensors to add value and information to existing business processes or find new and smarter ways to realise your use cases.

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